Written in the Chronicles of Franz Xaver Staiger in 1863. The "Gasthaus zum Schwanen" or Swan Inn, was built in 1665 as a Cloister Inn. In 1788 the Swan Inn was "a small stage coach station with 2 lounges, 7 guest rooms, and a large hall for dining and dancing."

The Inn is situated just a few steps from the larger gate, in which the "higher-ranking" guests used to enter the Monestary. Through the course of history, Our abbey became the Salem Palace and the Cloisters Post Inn. The Inn was used as the Markgraf's guesthouse as well. The Schwanen with restaurant, Cloister Tavern, The Old Prison Inn wine bar, and Museum Cafe are used by thousands of guests and visitors who tour the Palace everyday.

Hotel guests can enjoy the view of the Palace and its magnificant Gardens. No dogs allowed.